Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Ilam Seventh-day Adventist Church 24 Ilam Road, Christchurch



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Date Title Presenter
2017-04-29 At Your Post Pr Gordon Gosset Play
2017-04-22 A Temple in Time Damon Hurley Play
2017-04-15 A Pastor's Letter Part 16 - We Have This Hope Pr Gordon Gosset Play
2017-04-08 A Pastor's Letter Part 15 - Go and See Pr Gordon Gosset Play
2017-03-25 Do You Really Know Him Pr Victor Kulakov Play
2017-03-18 A Pastor's Letter Part 14 - It's All About AOG Pr Gordon Gosset Play
2017-03-11 Every Last Drop Pr Gordon Gosset Play
2017-03-04 The Real Deal Taka Denny Play
2017-02-25 Meeting the Crisis Graham Sowerby Play
2017-02-18 Looking For Neptune Damon Hurley Play
2017-02-11 04 Enhancing Your Frontal Lobe Dr Neil Nedley Play
2017-02-11 03 Improving Emotional Intelligence Dr Neil Nedley Play
2017-02-11 02 The Love of God and Emotional Intelligence Dr Neil Nedley Play
2017-02-10 01 The Curse, Cause and Way Out of Depression and Anxiety Dr Neil Nedley Play
2017-02-04 Waiting for the 490 Taka Denny Play
2017-01-28 A Pastor's Letter Part 13 - A Fruitful Family Pr Gordon Gosset Play
2017-01-21 A Pastor's Letter Part 12 - It is ours, It is not ours Pr Gordon Gosset Play
2016-12-31 Nourished to Flourish, as we Cross-Over Francis Agyekum Play
2016-12-24 Year of the Underdog Taka Denny Play
2016-12-17 Facing Giants Robert Stewart Play
2016-12-10 The Overworked Christian Stephen Wilson Play
2016-12-03 The Last King Jared French Play
2016-11-26 Called to Serve Damon Hurley Play
2016-11-19 A Pastor's Letter Part 11 - Involved or Dedicated Gordon Gosset Play
2016-11-12 A Pastor's Letter Part 10 - First, Last & Everything in Between Gordon Gosset Play
2016-11-05 What's Peculiar Gordon Gosset Play
2016-10-29 God is in the House Pr Damien Rice Play
2016-10-22 Giants Ulrich Heine Play
2016-10-15 Ilam's Greatest Need Murray Askin Play
2016-10-08 Striking the Shepherd Taka Denny Play
2016-10-01 Our Great Anti Fragile God Peter Olney Play
2016-09-24 Navigational Sign Posts Bernard Beal Play
2016-09-17 A Pastor's Letter Part 9 - Communion Then and Now Gordon Gosset Play
2016-09-03 Trust Him Pr Paul Gredig Play
2016-08-27 Seek Ye the Lost Robert Stewart Play
2016-08-20 Do You Love Jesus Damon Hurley Play
2016-08-13 A Pastor's Letter Part 8 - Greive Not the Spirit Gordon Gosset Play
2016-08-06 The Journey of Faith Pr Damien Rice Play
2016-07-30 Excellence in God's People Pr Paul Kleinmeulman Play
2016-07-23 All In Taka Denny Play
2016-07-16 A Pastor's Letter Part 7 - Spiritual Gifts Gordon Gosset Play
2016-07-09 More Light Bernard Beal Play
2016-07-02 A Pastor's Letter Part 6 - The Body Gordon Gosset Play
2016-06-25 Live it Share it Damon Hurley Play
2016-06-18 A Pastor's Letter Part 5 - The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Heard Gordon Gosset Play
2016-06-11 A Pastor's Letter Part 4 - To Hear or Not to Hear Gordon Gosset Play
2016-06-04 A Thinking Generation - 05 Q&A Joshua White Play
2016-06-04 A Thinking Generation - 04 True Education Joshua White Play
2016-06-04 A Thinking Generation - 03 Doing the Right Job, At the Wrong Time Joshua White Play
2016-06-04 A Thinking Generation - 02 A Thinking Generation Joshua White Play
2016-06-03 A Thinking Generation - 01 Our Most Precious Treasure Joshua White Play
2016-05-28 Watchman What of the Night Rob Stewart Play
2016-05-21 A Pastor's Letter Part 3 - Origins Gordon Gosset Play
2016-05-14 A Pastor's Letter Part 2 - The Transaction Gordon Gosset Play
2016-05-07 A Pastor's Letter Part 1 Gordon Goset Play
2016-04-30 But One Thing is Needful Ashley Sullivan Play
2016-04-23 The SDA Heritage of Evangelism Chuck Holtry Play
2016-04-23 Why Adventism Chuck Holtry Play
2016-04-15 Absolute Surrender Carissa McSherry Play
2016-04-15 To Know and Be Known Carissa McSherry Play
2016-04-09 Be a Christian Damon Hurley Play
2016-04-02 The Lamb Gordon Gosset Play
2016-03-26 The Called Out Ones Ashley Sullivan Play
2016-03-19 Jehovah-Jireh Gordon Gosset Play
2016-03-12 Whose House Are We Gordon Gosset Play
2016-03-05 OSAS Peter Olney Play
2016-02-27 A Deeper Look at the Gospel Damon Hurley Play
2016-02-20 Test of Faith Robert Stewart Play
2016-03-13 Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready! Taka Denny Play
2016-02-06 A Biblical Concept of the Church - Part 8 A loving Church Pr Jean-Noel Adeline Play
2016-02-06 A Biblical Concept of the Church - Part 7 A Church built on God's word Pr Jean-Noel Adeline Play
2016-02-05 A Biblical Concept of the Church - Part 6 A Church at war Pr Jean-Noel Adeline Play
2016-02-04 A Biblical Concept of the Church - Part 5 A Church preparing for eternity Pr Jean-Noel Adeline Play
2016-02-03 A Biblical Concept of the Church - Part 4 A united Church Pr Jean-Noel Adeline Play
2016-02-02 A Biblical Concept of the Church - Part 3 A Church empowered by the Holy Spirit Pr Jean-Noel Adeline Play
2016-02-01 A Biblical Concept of the Church - Part 2 A Church saved by Grace Pr Jean-Noel Adeline Play
2016-01-31 A Biblical Concept of the Church - Part 1 A Church filled with the Spirit of Wisdom Pr Jean-Noel Adeline Play
2016-01-30 A Journey of Faith Daniel Pel Play
2016-01-23 Defusing the A-Bomb Taka Denny Play
2016-01-02 What Will We Do Gordon Gosset Play
2015-12-26 The Birth of the King Peter Olney Play
2015-12-19 What Experienced You, By The Way Gordon Gosset Play
2015-12-12 What discussed you, by the way Gordon Gosset Play
2015-12-05 A Code to Life By (Adventurer & Pathfinder Investiture) Andrew Peddie Play
2015-11-28 Three Important Messages For You Milca Mushambi; Stephen Oates; Gun Lee Play
2015-11-21 Changeth Not Gordon Gosset Play
2015-11-14 The Bread Gordon Gosset Play
2015-11-07 Getting Ready for the Promised Land Rob Stewart Play
2015-10-31 Hallowed Be They Name Damon Hurley Play
2015-10-24 Gethsemane Experience Ashley Sullivan Play
2015-10-17 Improving Your Serve Pr Paul Gredig Play
2015-10-10 Knive and Fork: Weapons of Mass Destruction or Instruments of Hope, Health & Healing Dr Hans Diehl Play
2015-10-10 Mad, Sad, Glad: The Prodigal Son Dr Hans Diehl Play
2015-10-10 From Despair to Destiny Dr Hans Diehl Play
2015-10-09 God Still Opens Doors Dr Hans Diehl Play
2015-10-03 Eternal Life and Law Ulrich Heine Play
2015-09-26 Dying to Know Damon Hurley Play
2015-09-19 Wet and Dry Gordon Gosset Play
2015-09-05 Where Are You Gordon Gosset Play
2015-08-29 Follow the Leader Taka Denny Play
2015-08-22 [No Title] Damon Hurley Play
2015-08-15 O, My God Ulrich Heine Play
2015-08-08 Are You Advancing Damon Hurley Play
2015-08-01 The Will of God Gordon Gosset Play
2015-07-25 Striving for the Crown Ashley Sullivan Play
2015-07-18 Who is in the Boat Peter Olney Play
2015-07-11 Lift Up the Trumpet Taka Denny Play
2015-07-04 Why Communion Gordon Gosset Play
2015-06-27 My Field in Anathoth Morgan Vincent Play
2015-06-20 The Exodus Ross Patterson Play
2015-06-13 The Government of God Gordon Gosset Play
2015-06-06 Character of God GOrdon Gosset Play
2015-05-30 Youth Service Korina Schoolderman; Damon Hurley; Alan Gaige; Kokee Alojado; Ryan Moreau Play
2015-05-23 Obedience Ashley Sullivan Play
2015-05-16 Dr Eddie Ramirez - 03 Panel Discussion - The Health Message given to Ellen G White Gordon Gosset; Dr Eddie Ramirez; Suzanne Ramirez Play
2015-05-16 Dr Eddie Ramirez - 02 Living Life More Abundantly Dr Eddie Ramirez Play
2015-05-15 Dr Eddie Ramirez - 01 Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle + Questions Dr Eddie Ramirez Play
2015-05-09 What's the Point Gordon Gosset Play
2015-05-02 The Image Part 4- Convert or Die Gordon Gosset Play
2015-04-25 No Jesus, No Peace - Know Jesus, Know Peace Pr Desmond Hills Play
2015-04-18 The Image Part 3- Tongues of Men and of Angels Gordon Gosset Play
2015-04-11 The Image Part 2- Light Through Darkness Gordon Gosset Play
2015-04-04 4PM - So What About Easter Gordon Gosset Play
2015-04-04 The Image Part 1 - Cometh the Night, Cometh the Man Gordon Gosset Play
2015-03-28 Burning But Not Consumed Elvis Mushambi Play
2015-03-21 Of Blood and Water - Part 2 Gordon Gosset Play
2015-03-07 Of Blood and Water - Part 1 Gordon Gosset Play
2015-02-28 Satan's Plan Ashley Sullivan Play
2015-02-21 The Art of Becoming Expendable Gordon Gosset Play
2015-02-14 Like Father, Like Son Michael Sinclair Play
2015-02-07 Hunting and Fishing New Zealand Gordon Gosset Play
2015-01-31 Minority Rules Taka Denny Play
2015-01-24 First Things First Gordon Gosset Play
2015-01-03 Eight Steps to Christian Perfection Peter Olney Play